What is API Testing?

API testing tests the business logic layer of the software architecture. This testing is not meant for testing the GUI. In API testing software is used to send calls to the API, get output, on which the response of the system is checked. You either need a testing tool to drive the API or code needs to be written for the same purpose.

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What we do

  • We verify your code, find defects and uncover redundant code.
  • API testing saves on functional testing time.
  • We help you cut down on costs of manual testing.
  • We test your overall build strength.
  • Conduct highly accurate testing.
  • Efficiently integrate GUI tests.
  • Test functionality of the code.
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Rich experience in API Testing

Our API testing includes these testing methods apart from the usual SDLC process:

  • Discovery testing: Testing team manually executes the set of calls documented in the APN.
  • Usability testing: Done to verify whether the API is functional and user-friendly.
  • Security testing: Tests types of authentication required and whether sensitive data is encrypted over HTTP or both.
  • Automated testing: Creates a set of scripts or a tool that can be used to execute the API on a regular basis.
  • Documentation: We make sure it provides enough information to interact with the API’s always a part of our final deliverable.

postStack: The Cloud-based API testing tool we developed


postStack is a must have developer tool for building and testing API services over HTTP(S). Unlike other tools, postStack is cloud based. This allows you to access you data from any where you want to. Not just from your developer machine. postStack was developed by the team at Netsmartz, our parent company.

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