What is Automated Testing?

Automated Testing is based on using software testing tools to create programs that will perform automated tests on your software. It bypasses the manual testing effort which is long and tedious and creates an automatic testing scenario which is monitored by the testing team. This is especially used in regression testing.

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What we do

  • Thorough evaluation of your software
  • Mapping out an automated testing strategy
  • Defining testing tools to be used
  • Building an automation testing environment fast
  • Developing automated test scripts
  • Comprehensive assessment of every test cycle
  • 50+ qualified, experienced testing professionals
If you would like to know how our testing services can help you deliver a flawless product, please call us on 1-888-661-8967 or drop us a mail at info@qasmartz.com

Rich experience in Automated Testing

  • Types of Frameworks
  • Automation Script Development Languages
  • Continuous Integration Tools
  • Build Release Management
  • Technologies for Integration

Benefits of Automated Testing

  • Quick testing feedback and better communication among coders, designers and product owners - allows for better testing efficiency.
  • Speedy results - fast implementation of automated testing ensures testing can be done repeatedly in less time .
  • Reduced project costs - fewer resources and less time needed.
  • Reusable scripts -you don’t need to write new scripts every time, even if the OS version on the device changes.
  • Finds bugs in early stage of development so they can be fixed faster.
  • More reliable - bypasses human error likely with repetitive tasks.
  • Establishes continuity since automation engineers can see exactly what other engineers have done in terms of testing and scripts.
  • It’s easy to test in bulk - you can run tests on thousands of mobile devices at the same time.


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