What is Manual Testing?

QAsmartz is a company totally dedicated to testing. We aren't a large team -just over 50 testing experts. But we like to believe that our quality more than makes up for the quantity. We provide a variety of testing services backed up by our proven processes and methodology. We have a dedicated QA Lab with a wide array of devices for testing purposes. We offer you the option of building a dedicated team with us or opting for an engagement - based model.

One of our testing teams at work.

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What we do

  • Discuss requirements and timelines with you
  • Select the testing team
  • Thoroughly evaluate your software
  • Put together a Test Plan Document
  • Define test cases
  • Execute test cases and daily reports
  • Fix reported defects
  • 50+ qualified, experienced testing professionals
If you would like to know how our testing services can help you deliver a flawless product, please call us on 1-888-661-8967 or drop us a mail at info@qasmartz.com

About Netsmartz, our parent company

  • Manual testing is conducted by actual people and they can pick up visual cues if something doesn't look right as in the GUI.
  • Testers can do better usability testing since they can think and behave with the perspective of an actual user.
  • Manual testing can include exploratory testing done on the spur of the moment.
  • Automated testing is done with test scripts which can have bugs, this can result in flawed reporting . These errors are avoided with manual testing.
  • Some testing scenarios are not technically possible or might be too expensive to automate. Manual testing is ideal here.
  • Short term costs of manual testing are lower than that of automation testing.



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