Our application testing keeps the e-store of this global electronics giant functioning smoothly and efficiently even during times of high load.

Our client is a multinational electronics company, a global leader in consumer electronics and white goods. The company’s India e-store is subjected to rigorous application testing by a dedicated team of testers at QAsmartz to make sure the e-store functions smoothly while providing a secure and enjoyable user experience.

How our dedicated team of testers and analysts at QAsmartz is helping this driving school software provider maintain a winning product.

The client is the no. 1 provider of driving school software in North America with over 300 driving schools on its client roster. The driving school software is frequently updated with new functionality and has scope for customization by the end user. To keep it running flawlessly and without a glitch, we need to maintain the software quality while testing all the new updates so they function smoothly.

How we are helping a prominent Telecom provider’s portal function seamlessly and deliver a great user experience with our in-depth application testing.

Our client, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprise organizations and carrier partners across the U.S. The company’s main portal needed to be fast, user-friendly,scalable and secure with perfect functioning at all times. They also needed to lower testing costs to remain competitive and approached us at QAsmartz.